Marengo Community High School District 154

110 Franks Road Marengo, IL 60152

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About D154

District Beliefs, Vision, Mission and Goals

Adopted February 22, 2010

We believe

Students and Learning

all students can learn.

students need a sense of belonging in a safe, secure, learning environment.

education should prepare all students for college or careers.

all students should have equitable opportunities and be challenged, recognizing their different learning styles.

students learn through participation in activities.

Faculty, Staff and Teaching

staff focus on and be accountable for student learning.

staff have school pride and commitment.

staff are a positive influence, have integrity and be trustworthy.

staff make learning relevant and develop positive relationships with students.

staff are committed to life-long learning.

Schools and Community

schools should be fiscally responsible.

the community will provide resources needed for quality education.

schools and community that have a positive collaborative partnership will lead to

successful students.

school will be the center of the community and reflect community values.

The Vision of Marengo CHSD 154 is:

to become a model learning community.

for all taxing bodies will work together to meet the needs of the community.

to be recognized for financial, academic, and extra-curricular excellence.

to be recognized for having outstanding teaching and support staff.

for all students will

be able to think critically and solve real-world problems

be drug-free and gang-free

be technologically literate

exhibit strong literacy skills

exceed college entrance expectations

be confident, motivated and successful

have the knowledge and skills to be productive members of the society

see relevancy in their learning

School District Goals:

Goal 1: Increase student achievement for ALL students.

Goal 2: Continue to provide a comprehensive high school program.

Goal 3: Remain fiscally responsible while achieving our goals.

Goal 4: Continue and enhance the positive relationships with the communities of District 154.

District Documents

District Office

Tammie Driver PhotoTammie Driver

Payroll Administrator

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Superintendent/Web Facilitator

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District Treasurer

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Business Manager