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Two Marengo High School bus drivers went to Peoria to compete in the Illinois Pupil Transportation Association Bus Roadeo (yes, that is how it is spelled). Brenda Dionne and Vince Long both participated in the statewide safety competition. There were about forty participants from throughout the state. Brenda placed second in the state and Vince was one of only eight drivers who achieved 100% of the points possible on the inspection part of the competition. Brenda qualified to compete at the national competition. Prior to the State competition, the McHenry County Transportation Directors Association hosted a Bus Roadeo where Brenda placed first and Vince placed sixth.

The Bus Roadeo is a safety competition consisting of written and verbal testing as well as a driving course. The competition tests for the driver's knowledge of legal and safety regulations as well as technical driving ability. Drivers are required to maneuver a school bus in situations requiring skill and concentration. They must do things such as drive through an alley that gradually becomes narrower until there are only inches of space between the bus sides and the markers. They also must be able to back the bus into different situations, which require drivers to come as close to a marking point without going past the point. There are several other obstacles that test the driver's ability to judge where the bus is at all times and be able to maneuver through difficult situations.

The Marengo High School drivers have shown their level of safety and ability to be among the best in the state. Congratulations to Brenda Dionne and Vince Long.