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January 2012

Snow Sculpting 2012

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Working on the block.

The MCHS Art department sent out a team to snow sculpt on January 25th through the 27th in Rockford, Illinois. This was the 26th annual Illinois Snow Sculpting competition featuring adult snow sculptors competing to represent Illinois in the National competition held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The competition also hosts a high school division including 15 area schools. The MCHS team members were Captain Mitch Dauphin, Dominic Gailloreto, Faith Dooley, and Makayla Pfeiffer. The title of sculpture was WTO (What the Octopus?) The team worked over twenty hours to create the final sculpture. Some unique features of the sculpture were carved ice for the shark's teeth, the octopus tentacles and the unique wave at the base of the sculpture. They used saws, large spatulas, machetes, shovels and paint scrapers to create the masterpiece.

In addition to these current high school artists, five MCHS graduates competed in the State division. Last years graduates created a team known as Frieze Masons, Ryan Ehredt, Sergio Aguilar, and Chris Hansen, created Bal-Rock. This was a eight foot monster with his guitar. Other former graduates, Nichole Schultz and Tiffani McCann, created their version of Bigfoot known as Elusive. This was a massive freestanding hairy beast. Additional photos and information can be found at: »

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