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October 2009

Congrats to Kailey Draves for making IMEA Honor Band

Congratulations to Kailey Draves for being accepted in the IMEA Honors Band this year on Trumpet. In order to be selected, the students must audition with 2 etudes, a scale sheet containing all the major and minor scales, and sight reading. Very few students are able to achieve this honor.

Kailey will be joining other top musicians from the upper part of Illinois in a festival and concert in November. »


The English department continues, under the direction of Cecilia Franks, to work toward reading and writing improvement as well as better performance on the ACT exam. The emphasis this year is on differentiating instruction so all students successfully meet each grade level standard. Improving vocabulary by studying Latin and Greek roots and affixes is another effort. The vocabulary program has been implemented at every level, freshman through senior English. That consistency is important to its success. An effective vehicle for the curriculum development is the use of Course Learning Teams (CLT). Teachers teaching the same course team up to plan instruction, develop materials, and create common assessments. Again, consistency is the key.

As a rather specialized English course, Humanities is also incorporating many curriculum changes. Keeping with its cross curricular content, but adding more skill work, the Humanities program reflects the recent efforts of school improvement. »

HOMECOMING 2009 – by Amanda Kenny and Hannah Voss

Homecoming week was great from start to finish. School spirit was contagious and the competition for the Spirit Stick grew fierce by the end of the week. To win the Spirit Stick a class must earn the most points, which are awarded on the basis of participation in each day’s activities. The juniors won the Powder Puff game, but it was the seniors who won for dress up days. The freshmen built a realistic Viking ship on their float, but it was the juniors’ football player eating dinosaur that took first place. Each class had an impressive float; in fact, the floats this year were the best in a long time. Ultimately, the junior class won the stick, but they better hang on tightly, because the other classes are looking to win it back. While the football team lost their game to North Boone, it did not dampen the mood of celebration at the dance on Saturday night. A big thank you goes out to all the faculty and administration for making this year’s Homecoming one to remember! »


Starting Dates for Winter Sports:

Girl's Basketball Monday, November 2

Boy's Basketball Monday, November 9

Wrestling Monday, November 9

Picture Date is Thursday November 19 for all Winter Sports »

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