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October 2015

“Wi-Fi on the Fly” Connects MCHS Students to the Internet

Marengo Community High School is the first high school in northern Illinois to implement a school bus-based Wi-Fi program. The district’s “Wi-Fi-on-the-Fly” program aims to provide students the opportunity for mobile learning on school buses. The program was made possible through a generous donation of the Marengo Area Education Foundation (MASEF) which provided the funds for the purchase of the equipment for all regular route busses to have free Wi-Fi access.

With the full implementation of the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Program, all of MCHS students now have laptop computers and the use of this technology has become an integral part of our curriculum and instruction. Students have been provided wireless access throughout the school and school grounds including parking lots and the football stadium.

The “Wi-Fi on the Fly” program extends the classroom for students to outside the school day and enables additional connectivity for students to connect with their teachers, instructional content or with each other on collaborative assignments. The equipment uses the same filtering software which is used on the schools computer network.

In addition to daily commutes, “Wi-Fi on the Fly” provides an opportunity for student athletes traveling to away games or students on field trips to take advantage of travel time and extend learning beyond the classroom. MCHS students can stay connected on the ATT 4G LTE wireless broadband network which provides unlimited data to district students thus ensuring that students have equitable access to help support their academic success, improve test scores, and promote college and career readiness. »


The MASEF Dinner/Auction will be Saturday, November 7, 2015. This year, the evening is being called “The Grand Event” as it is the last one! (FYI – it is not the end of MASEF, just the Dinner/Auctions.) We would like as many educators to attend as possible! We will have special recognition for those in attendance.

If you have season tickets (Cubs, Bears, Bulls, White Sox, Blackhawks, the University of Illinois or other area teams) or points for a time share vacation please consider making a donation for a tax deduction to MASEF. If you are interested in making a donation of any other items of value please contact Julie Amendt at 815-568-6511 x1333 or We thank you for your support of MASEF over the years. »


Due to delays in passing a state budget, the status of a statewide school administered ACT test to all juniors is in doubt. We have been told by the Illinois State Board of Education that no decision will be made on a test date until the state budget is resolved, which may not be until April. All juniors and seniors are encouraged to register to take a test on one of the national test dates at another site. To register, go to and follow the instructions on the registration tab. Our school code is 142-765. The test dates and signup dates are as follows: Dec. 12th (sign up by Nov. 6), February 6th (sign up by Jan. 8th), and April 9th (sign up by March 4th). If your student has an IEP and requires test accommodations please see Ms. Amendt. »


The Board of Education approved and signed an Intergovernmental Agreement with the State of Illinois Comptroller’s Office at its September 28, 2015, meeting. The purpose of the agreement is to provide Marengo Community High School District 154 access to the Local Debt Recovery Program for purposes of collecting debts owed to it. The Illinois Comptroller operates a system to aid collection of debt owed to local governing units by offsetting payments to individuals from the State and transferring them to local governing units. What does this mean to you? If you have an ongoing outstanding balance, we will provide you with written notification that we are certifying a claim to the Illinois Comptroller’s Office for offset. An opportunity to challenge the claim through an informal proceeding to refute the claim’s existence, amount, or current collectability shall be provided. Should the Illinois Comptroller’s Office receive a claim in your name, prior to the Comptroller issuing you a state tax refund, commercial payment, lottery winning, state retirement check, etc., the amount owed to the local government (MCHS) will be deducted and deposited in the Comptroller’s Local Debt Recovery Trust. You will be provided with a written notice of the action and have 60 days to protest the deduction with the Illinois Office of the Comptroller. If no protest is made at the end of the 60 day period, the amount owed will be transferred to the local governing unit (MCHS). »

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