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December 2010


Let it Snow, let it snow. The MCHS Art Department is sending out a team to snow sculpt on January 20th through the 22nd in Rockford, Illinois. The 25th annual Illinois Snow Sculpting competition features adult snow sculptors competing to represent Illinois in the National competition held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The competition also hosts a high school division including 15 area schools. The MCHS team members are Captain Ryan Ehredt, Amy Sticha, Sergio Aguilar, and Chris Hansen. This team has sculpted together for the past two years and has earned three trophies: second place, third place, and Committee’s Choice. The title of this year’s sculpture is So…’bout the Global Warming?

The students will be sculpting a block of compressed snow that is 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The artists may not use any armatures, power tools, or dyes. The competition is judged by the adult professional sculptors. See the MCHS website at the end of January for photos of the sculpture. So, let it snow, let it snow. »


By Ava Henning and Katie Sprague

On October 15th, the Humanities class took a field trip to Chicago. While there, we visited the Oriental Art Institute, located on the University of Chicago’s beautiful campus. We first watched a thrilling video in the auditorium. The film summarized the Mesopotamian culture and allowed us to review the facts we had learned in the previous unit. The video prepared us for the art we were about to view and gave us necessary background information.

As we walked through the exhibit, our quirky tour guides explained each piece in detail. It was fascinating to see artifacts such as the sea scrolls, the water droplet clock, and the Stele of Hammurabi. The exquisite details and careful craftsmanship of each piece was astonishing. Seeing the artifacts up close gave us a greater appreciation for the culture.

Following the exhibit, we took in the refreshing autumn air, and walked to a local Mediterranean restaurant, Cedars. There, we were served heaping platters filled with gourmet dishes such as

falafel. A few starving students inhaled the appetizer as if it were the meal, while some hesitant freshmen barely touched the food until they realized the dessert was American. The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed each dish, grateful for the delicious delicacies. As we ate, the class surprised Mrs. Zarnikow for her birthday with a special dessert.

We can’t omit the unforgettable bus-ride home, since that did take up a large portion of the trip. The memories created were interspersed with excessive “ooooohhhhs” as we drove under each bridge. Overall the trip was a success. We learned, we ate, and we made wonderful memories, exactly what a Humanities field trip is all about! »


SkillsUSA members competed December 3rd, at the Technical Center of DuPage in Addison, IL in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry and Auto Body/Refinishing. Congratulations to Nick Lange for finishing 3rd in Auto Body/Refinishing. »


The Marengo FFA hosted the 2nd annual Dairy Products CDE. Marengo placed first. Students competing were Callie Ebel, Devynn Ziller, and Rebecca Riley. We also attended the Agronomy CDE hosted by Belvidere high school. Callie Ebel placed 5th out of 41 students, Garrett Helfers placed 21st, Zach Nazimek placed 25th, and Dimitri Sideris placed 35th. The annual toy show is going to be January 16th here at Marengo High School, in the commons from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. »


By Amy Sticha , MCHS News Bureau

Twice a year, the MCHS Media Center, headed by Alicia Tippins, hosts Computer Buddies. This is a chance for the High School to connect with people in the community. Volunteer high school students host a number of classes and question-and-answer sessions. Anyone interested is able to sign up for a session at the Marengo Library. Later, they attend the session at the Marengo Community High School where they pair up with a high school student who answers any questions they might have about computers and computer programs.

The sessions scheduled for fall of 2010 were on November 16th and 18th. Both of the sessions were well attended. On Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon, high school students met with the adults whom they taught for the next two hours. They set up email accounts, explained Google, used Microsoft Publisher, and answered any questions their new ‘students’ might have. It wasn’t all work and no play though. Plenty of pairs found time to swap stories, tell jokes, and get to know each other. By the time the adults left two hours later, they were a little more confident and comfortable with modern computer technology. »


ISAC is pleased to recognize these MCHS students who have been named State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement. These students performed in the top one-half of the high school class at the end of the third semester prior to graduation, and/or score in the 95th percentile on the ACT, SAT or Prairie State Achievement Exam.

Aguilar, Sergio

Bolda, Samantha

Bolis, Andrew

Brettschneider, Austin

Cusimano, Frank

Degrand, Margaret

Diedrick, David

Diedrick, Hannah

Ehredt, Ryan

Errichiello, Lauren

Fees, Mercedes

Hazek, Jacob

Henning, Ava

Kunz, Jenna

Looby, Melissa

Lopez, Isaac

McQueeny Jr, Robert

Rosemann, Kristopher

Schnable, Kirk

Siemers, Kately N

Sprague, Kathryn

Sticha, Amy

Vanvoorhees, Tyler »

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