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March 2008

The Masterpiece of the Month

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Stephanie Guerra with her masterpiece

The Masterpiece of the Month for February was created by Senior art student Stephanie Guerra. Stephanie created a ceramic dragonfly whistle. »

Congratulations Pom Pon Squad

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Exciting news for the MCHS Pom squad! Team Dance Illinois has selected Marengo's Poms as one of two recipients of this year's "True Colors Sportsmanship of the Year" award! »

MCHS Wins a New MIG Welder

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Auto I & Auto II classes standing by the new welder.

MCHS Auto I and Auto II classes attended a field trip to McCormick Place in Chicago to see the World of Wheels Car Show in January. »

Marengo SkillsUSA Vocational Students Qualify for State Competitions!

Eryn Cisneros and Dmitry Tchaikovski qualified for State Competitions. »

Campus Security

The recent tragedy at NIU is in our hearts and on our minds here at MCHS. A popular destination for our graduates, many of you either have a student enrolled or know someone that attends NIU. It is quite disturbing to have the troubles of the world be so close to home. May we never again face another tragedy like this one.

As a school principal, my thoughts go to our campus and the security of the students of MCHS. Gone are the days of wide open doors and easy accessibility. While our school needs to be open and inviting to its students, we also have an obligation to keep students safe in the event of an emergency.

Please be aware that MCHS has a comprehensive emergency plan that prepares us for both natural disasters like tornados and emergencies such as threats to the safety of our students and staff. This plan is constantly revised to keep up with current trends and input from law enforcement agencies. We are also proactive in identifying potential issues. Our students are encouraged to seek help in our guidance office for themselves or a friend. Just last week, all of our students went to an anti-bullying assembly. Through these efforts and other programs we hope to eliminate potential threats to our students.

In the event we enact any of our emergency procedures, there are a few things parents can do to help us. Students will be directed to not use their cell phones. In another school, students called their parents with misinformation as they had limited knowledge of the facts. This created an issue with many parents arriving at the building and demanding to pick up their child. This reaction may endanger more people including you. Please verify information with the school before coming to campus. We will have information available to the best of our ability through our phone notification system and on our website,

Also, if we do release students, please follow our procedures. In the event of an emergency, we will want to clearly track all students and sign them out to you. Please be patient with us so we can ensure that all students are accounted for and safe. By working together we can respond to an emergency and keep our students safe.

Finally, if you suspect your child or another student is troubled, please contact our guidance office, the McHenry County Crisis Hotline at 1-800-892-8900, or the Marengo Police Department. Many times the investigation into these tragedies reveals signs of a person who needed help. If we can get them help, maybe we can avoid a future crisis.

It is my hope that our emergency plan is never needed, but we will be prepared. Thank you for your understanding and support. Our goal is to keep all our students safe. If you have any questions, please call me at 815-568-6511 or email me at »

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