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May 2012


Congratulations to Marengo Community High School Head Softball Coach Dwain Nance who is one of eight finalists from across our nation for the National High School Athletic Coaches Association National Coach of the Year Award. »

Art Show

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Group Photographs of the Winners

Art Show

The MCHS Art Show took place on Monday May 14th with the Best of Show Award going to Nichole Clark. The BOE Purchase Awards were awarded to Kailey Soloman Savings Bond $100, Caroline Campbell Savings Bond $50 and Carrie Cowart Savings Bond $50.

The freshmen Best of Show was awarded to Catherine Brandt for a charcoal portrait drawing. Other freshman awards went to Amber Winter, AJ Lombardo, Stacey Camp, Jackie Pulak, Stacey Camp, Grace Van Acker

and Desi Battista.

The sophomore Best of Show was awarded to Kailey Soloman for an acrylic painting. Additional sophomore awards went to Nikki Hammortree, Jess Ehredt, Jasmin Vilchis, Jasmin Vilchis, Cynthia Vilchis, Rachel Gailloreto, Jess Ehredt, Kristina Van Ochten, Carrie Cowart, Rachel Gailloreto, Alejandra Soto and Caitlin Nakoneczny.

The juniors Best of Show was awarded to Kristina Bartose for her acrylic mushroom painting.

Additional junior awards went to Jose Huerta, Gabe Corona, Nayeli Andrade, Emily Cisneros, Jose Huerta, Leslie Martinez, Jose Huerta, Sarah Trader, Kasey Felgar, Jordan Langan, Emily Cisneros, Jordan Langan, Caroline Campbell, Shae Kartsen, Lorena Ayala, and Rodney Rote.

The seniors Best of Show was awarded to Becca Vazquez for her sculpture plaster figure display. Additional senior awards went to Callie Ebel, Logan Garfield, Andrew Langel, Natasha Wilcox, Dominic Gailloreto, Nora Yanahan, Becky Brosch, Lisanne Werle, Jessica Miller, Becca Vazquez, Faith Dooley, Mitch Dauphin, and Nora Yanahan. »

Jousting ?

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Jordan and Rachel explaining jousting.

Humanities students not only think outside the box, but also think BIG. Last year the Trojan horse, this year REAL horses in a jousting demonstration. Jordan Langan and Rachel Siddons presented the demonstration to their fellow Humanities students on the back athletic field, dressed in costumes (both the horses and the knights) designed by Nicole Clark. The class learned a bit about the techniques, the scoring and the pageantry of jousting. »

Spring Concert and Art Show

The annual Spring Concert and Art Show will take place May 14th , with music beginning at 7:00 p.m., and Art on display from 6:00 pm throughout the end of the concert. Awards for Best of Show and media awards will be presented. Refreshments will be served. »

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