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May 2014

2014 Reading Club Field Trip

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The Reading Club at the Wade Center

The Reading Club went to the Marion E. Wade Center on April 29. The Wade Center is a museum for several authors, including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. There are many artifacts originally owned by the authors, including Tolkienís desk that he used when writing the Lord of the Rings, and the wardrobe from the home of C.S. Lewis.

The museumís Reading Room contains all the books by all the authors, and many of the volumes are in a multitude of languages, since the popular books by Lewis and Tolkien have been translated in many languages. Students also enjoyed viewing props from the recent Narnia movies, as well as the Hobbit movie.

The museum is located on the Wheaton College campus, and we all enjoyed the delicious food we had for lunch in the college cafeteria. Reading Club members all read The Hobbit, and enjoyed the presentation on how Tolkien created the Lord of the Rings trilogy. »

Art Show

The MCHS Art Show took place on Thursday, May 8th, with the Best of Show Award going to Jasmin Vilchis. The BOE Purchase Awards were awarded to Jasmin Vilchis (Savings Bond $100), Tim Bassuener (Savings Bond $50) and Sydney Row (Savings Bond $50). Over 200 works of art filled the MCHS cafeteria and made for pleasurable viewing prior to and following the band and choir performances.

The freshmen Best of Show was awarded to Danielle Fleshood for her charcoal drawing of pointe shoes. 1st place drawing award went to Alivia Hansen, 2nd place to Kiesha Avila Valentin, and 3rd place to Bianca Aguilar. Honorable Mentions went to Max Keller and Melake Abebaw. 1st place for painting went to Emily Meseth, 2nd place to Sydney Row, and 3rd place to Emily Meseth. 1st place sculpture award went to Adrianna Arnold, 2nd place to Claudia Campos, and 3rd place to Clint Balabuszko.

The sophomore Best of Show went to Emily Kraft for her abstract digital image of a face. 1st place in drawing went to Bianca Aguilar, 2nd to Jorge Palomino, and 3rd to Ryan Gaeta. In painting, 1st place went to Sage Michonski, 2nd to Stephanie Ramirez, and 3rd to Kylie O'Donoghue. 1st place in sculpture went to Rachel Bauman, and 2nd to Gretel Hoffmeyer, and 3rd place to Thomas Smrt. In the digital design/photography category, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places went to Emilie McLeod.

The junior class Best of Show was awarded to Stacey Camp for her oil painting of a horse. In the drawing category, Natalie Gruber took 1st, Kenzie Caldwell, 2nd, and Stacey Camp, 3rd, with honorable mention going to Kenzie Caldwell. In painting, Kylee Blake took 1st, Catherine Brant took 2nd, and Maddie Schmiegelt, 3rd. Lexi Valentine, Makayla Pfeiffer, and Sarah Holesha took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the sculpture category. In the digital design/photography category, Hannah Butzow took 1st, and Bre Payne took 2nd and 3rd.

The seniors Best of Show was awarded to Jasmin Vilchis for her drawing of River Phoenix. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in drawing went to Carrie Nims, Jasmin Vilchis and Carrie Nims. The awards in painting went to Rachel Gailloreto, Tyler Vargas and Kailey Soloman. The awards for sculpture went to Lexi Valentine, 1st, Makayla Pfeiffer, 2nd, and Sarah Holesha, 3rd. In digital design/photography, Kristina VanOchten, Kelli McQueeny and Makayla Pfeiffer took 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with Jodi Doane, Kristina VanOchten and Kelli McQueeny taking honorable mentions. »


The Marengo Greenhouse class will be holding its annual plant sale starting May 8. The plant sale is a great way to support agricultural education while getting a variety of plants. The greenhouse will be open Thursday May 8th through Friday May 9th from 3-6pm, Saturday May 10th from 8am- 12pm, and Thursday May 15th from 3- 6 pm. Cost for plants varies based on the plant and ranges from $1.00- $4.00 for single plants. Hanging baskets cost from $20.00- $25.00, a tray of mixed plants can cost anywhere from $12.00- $45.00. We have a variety of over 40 plants to choose from. The greenhouse is located on the back side of the high school to the west of the tennis courts. Come out and support Marengo Agriculture! »

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