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May 2016

MCHS Art Show 2016

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MCHS Art Show 2016

The MCHS Art Show took place on Thursday, May 12th, with the Best of Show Award going to Natalie Gruber for her oil painting of her grandfather as a young man. The BOE Purchase Awards were presented to Natalie Gruber ($100), Haley Cleghorn ($50) and Thomas Smrt ($50). Over 200 works of art filled the MCHS cafeteria and made for pleasurable viewing prior to and following the band and choir performances.

The freshman class Best of Show was awarded to Kiana Kozin for her acrylic painting of a sunset on a beach. The 1st place drawing award went to Allyson Mussell, 2nd place to Erin Haeflinger, and 3rd place to Amelia Keller. 1st place for painting went to Kiana Kozin, 2nd place to Mackenna Mortensen, and 3rd place to Allyson Mussell. The 1st place sculpture award went to Mackenzie Smith, 2nd place to Allyson Mussell, and 3rd place to Chloe Bankel.

The sophomore class Best of Show award went to Keridan Velasquez for her photograph of the interior of a silo. 1st place in drawing went to Nikki Menig, 2nd to Tracey Lewis, and 3rd to Payton Bachochin. In painting, 1st place went to Alexia Menig, 2nd to Veveanna Bernal, and 3rd to Jessica Ferreira. 1st place in sculpture went to Veveanna Bernal, 2nd place in went to Jessica Ferreira, and 3rd place to Alexia Menig. In the digital design/photography category, 1st place went to Haley Cleghorn, 2nd to Keridan Velasquez, and 3rd place went to Haley Cleghorn.

The junior class Best of Show was awarded to Sarah White for her white charcoal drawing of her house. In the drawing category, Emily Bucaro took 1st, Donovan Schmidt, 2nd, and Shannon Lester, 3rd. In painting, Natalie Gruber took 1st, Riley Lundgren took 2nd, and Kaya Tynis, 3rd. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in sculpture went to Shannon Lester. In the digital design/photography category, Adriana Arnold took 1st, and Katie Schmidt took 2nd and 3rd.

The senior class Best of Show was awarded to Emily Kraft for her painting, “Ziggy, ” a portrait of David Bowie. 1st and 2nd places in drawing went to Thomas Smrt, and 3rd to Natalie Pozezinski. The 1st and 2nd place awards in painting went to Emily Kraft, and 3rd to Jessica Olejarz. The 1st and 2nd place awards for sculpture went to Emma Nawrot, 3rd to Natalie Pozezinski. In digital design/photography, Natalie Pozezinski took 1st and 3rd places, and Carley Becker took 2nd place.

Honorable mention awards in drawing went to Geraldine Jimenez, Mackenzie Smith, Mackenna Mortensen, Tracey Lewis, Jessica Ferreira, and Hannah Politowski. Honorable mention awards in painting went to Alexandra Georgiades, Kiana Kozin, Allyson Mussell ,Nikki Menig, Payton Bachochin, Veveanna Bernal, Hannah Politowski, Riley Lundgren, Sarah White, Grace Mussell, Jessica Olejarz, Thomas Smrt, and Emily Kraft. Riley Connell received an honorable mention in photography. »

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