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June 2014


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Pictured left to right: Jan Pfaffinger, Dean Worrell, Kim Johnson and Sherry Cannon

On Friday, May 30, 2014, the MCHS Board of Education, faculty and staff honored four support staff members for their years of service at a luncheon. Kim Johnson – Head Cook (38 years), Sherry Cannon – Athletic Secretary (36 years), Jan Pfaffinger – Bus Driver (36 years), and Dean Worrell – Head Custodian (28 years) have served the school, students, staff and community in countless ways over their combined 138 years of service. They will be greatly missed. »


The Kooi Educational Fund was created in 1993 in memory of Elmer J. Kooi, Beatrice A. Kooi and Robert J. Kooi. Over the past several years, the trust has grown to over $3,500,000. Each year the Board of Education awards the interest from the trust to members of the graduating class in four year and two year grants. This year’s four-year grants were for $4,000 each year; the two-year grants were for $2,000 each year. The 2014 four-year $4,000 award recipients were: Jonathon Beldin, Lynsey Hoeske, Elizabeth Smith and Natasha VanDerLinden, and Andrew Volkening. The two-year $2,000 recipients were: Adam Rogutich and Alexandra Sprague. The loans are for 2% below the current interest rates and students have ten years to pay them back after graduating from college. In addition, the recipients can earn a credit of $500 for each “A” they earn.

In 1989, Cora Pingel established the Edward H. Pingel and Cora W. Pingel Educational Trust Fund. The Pingel Educational Trust Fund has grown to over $360,000. This year two $2,000 two-year grants were awarded to Makayla Pfeiffer and Kellina McQueeny. »

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