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August 2007


Congratulations to all staff and students at Marengo Community High School for their recognition as an accredited high school by the North Central Association (NCA). This concludes a five year cycle of school improvement focusing on reading comprehension and writing across the curriculum. »


The Marengo FFA will be holding an Ice Cream Social on Monday, September 10th at 7:00 at Marengo Community High School for those interested in forming an Alumni Chapter. If you have questions or are interested in attending, please contact FFA Advisor, Beau Buchs at 568-6511 ext. 1210 or by email at »

2007-2008 ENROLLMENT

MCHS continues to see enrollment steadily increase with a third day of student attendance number of 889 . As of the third day of school, MCHS's enrollment by class is 208 freshman, 226 sophomores, 248 juniors and 207 seniors. The high school enrollment has increased from a low of 529 students in 1994-95 to a high of 889 this year. The new high school has a capacity of 1200 students at the present rate of growth it will reach capacity in six years. »


Shea and Cole Polnow just began their Junior and Freshman years, respectively, at Marengo Community High School. In addition to their studies, playing on the football teams, and being members of the H.S. band, they have been working on earning the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts. This is the highest level of Boy Scouts. In order to earn this rank several steps of scouting, must be completed including going through the six ranks of Boy Scouts, being in the leadership position within your troop, many community service hours, and finally overseeing, carrying out, and completing a community service project that will benefit the community, religious group or school.

Shea, who has been in scouts since 2nd grade, chose to make two chess/checker tables with stools and install them at Marengo Park District’s Indian Oaks Park. The chess/checker “board” will be carved into the tops of two oak tree stumps that are approximately 30” in diameter, 9” thick and weighing about 150 pounds each. The two matching stools are approximately 18” wide and 24” tall, also weighing around 150 pounds each. Shea hopes to have his tables installed at the park by late fall. They will be cemented in and have an 8’ x 8’ cement pad covered with woodchips surrounding them. The tables will be located by Shelter 1 and by the playground. Players have the choice of bringing their own game pieces or renting a set from the Nature Center office at the park. Shea estimated the time he spent so far on this project to be about 40 hours. When asked how he got the idea for his chess/checker table, Shea’s mom, Sue, stated that he has always liked to play chess, and one night when he was watching T.V. he saw people playing chess on tables in a park. She added that Shea turned to her and said he “wished there was someplace like that in our town where we could do that.” The dream has become a reality thanks to Shea’s diligent efforts of making his project a success. Both of his parents, Sue and Dick Polnow say they are proud of Shea’s accomplishments, but added that although his project is taking much longer than they expected it is well worth the time.

As for younger brother Cole, he too, has been in scouts since he was in 2nd grade. His community project will benefit the students who attend Marengo’s Locust School. Cole has been working hard by helping to make improvements to the playground at the school. His project includes sanding and painting three basketball hoops, burying grates along the edges of the blacktop to help with water drainage, and painting games & educational activities on the blacktop for the students to play before & after school and while at recess. Cole is still working on this project, but so far already has the games four-square & hopscotch, and a giant map of the United States painted on the blacktop. The map alone took about 12 hours to paint. To date it is estimated that approximately 40 hours have been put into his overall project. Cole hopes to have the playground improvements finished by late fall. When asked how he came up with his idea he said, “My mom!” Unlike Shea, who will become an Eagle Scout this year, Cole still has a year or so to complete several more merit badge requirements before earning his Eagle Scout rank.

Shea and Cole would like to thank those who have made donations and to those who have donated their time to help make their community service projects a success. For more information about these projects or to make a donation to help with the cost and maintenance of these projects, you can call Sue Polnow at 815-568-6705.

Both Shea and Cole should be proud of what they have done to help improve our community. It’s great to see positive changes in and around our neighborhoods. »


Marengo Community High School provides students with a number of support services to assist them in having academic and personal success. »

Ink Cartridge Refilling

As a service to the community Marengo Community High School is offering the refilling of ink cartridges at a significant savings. The ink cartridge refilling program is designed to serve as a job-related work experience for special needs students as well as a fundraiser to replace existing fund raising activities. »

Kathy Glowacz Retires after 32 Years

Current Image

Mrs. Kathy Glowacz has spent her entire educational career in Marengo. She began working as a special education teacher at Marengo Comm. High School Dist. #154 in August 1974. For 10 years she taught math, science and English to students with learning and behavior disorders. During that time she coached volleyball, track was class sponsor and completed her master’s degree in education. »

Board Art Purchase Award Winners


This spring was the second year that the Board of Education recognized a few of the talented artists at MCHS. The objective of Art Purchase Award program is to promote the Visual Arts Program at Marengo Community High School. Student artwork is purchased by the Board of Education and displayed throughout the building in offices, meeting rooms, and other appropriate places that would ensure its safety.

The MCHS Art Department recently had an art show which included judging of the best art projects produced by high school art students this year by outside judges. The three students who won Board Art Purchase Awards at the show are: Julio Lopez, Anna Tennant and Eric Magnetta. The three students receiving the award were each presented a $100 savings bond. Each of the recipients were recognized at the Board of Education meeting on May 21st and presented with a framed certificate. »

Kooi-Pingel Loan Recipients


A total of $150,835 in loans will be disbursed from the Kooi Trust and $15,000 from the Pingel Trust.

The Pingel trust loan is for MCHS graduates who desire to secure a higher education. Two students are to be selected by the Board of Education, or an appropriate committee selected by the Board to receive the loan for each year they attend higher education. Notes are taken from the bank with repayment to start no later than 6 months after completing their education until all loans are repayed.

The Kooi trust loan is for MCHS graduates who desire to secure a higher education. Additionally, for every B+ grade the students received a credit of $500 towards the repayment of the loan. The selection is based on the students showing the strongest desire to continue their education; have exhibited above-average grades and study habits; need for the student financially; and the personality and honesty of the student. A committee consisting of members of the Board of Education and the Superintendent recommend the students for the loans to the Board of Education.

The Kooi loan will be awarded to Alan Yanahan, Elizabeth Boyer, Kevin Severs and Alexandra Hallam for $7,000 each year for their four years of higher education and to Kristen Otten, Megan Weinhandl, Brittany-Marie Holmes, Nichole Paradiso, Laura Severs and Deven Rudy for a one time amount of $6,471. The Pingel loan will be awarded to Megan Weinhandl and Deven Rudy for $1,875 for each of their four years of higher education. Congratulations to the student recipients on their outstanding high school career and on their receipt of the loans. »


The Board of Education presented framed certificates of achievement to the following individuals at its June 25th Board meeting for their outstanding accomplishments this past school year. Kevin Severs finished 2nd in the Class AA Sectional Track meet in the pole vault and advanced to the state competition at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. Kevin jumped 13"6" in the state final competition. Charlie Miller was the first boys MCHS tennis player in school history to be a state qualifier in tennis after finishing 4th in the IHSA Tennis Sectional. The 2007 MCHS Girls Softball Team surpassed all expectations when they won the IHSA Class AA Regional Title and continued their winning streak capturing the IHSA Class AA Sectional Title. Marengo was the smallest AA school to capture a sectional title and had defeated schools that were twice as large in enrollment. The team finished the season with a 25-11 record. Head Softball Coach Dwain Nance was recognized as the Northwest Herald Softball Coach of the Year for the teams success in this his first year as the head coach.

Congratulations to all these MCHS student-athletes on their outstanding seasons. »

MCHS Welcomes New Staff Members

The administration and Board of Education are proud to introduce you to the new staff members who will be joining MCHS for the 2007-2008 school year. They are a very talented group which brings a wealth of experience to our school. We are very happy to have them join us. »

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