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August 2013

Parent Access to Student Information

All parents are able to view their child's school information by accessing Homelogic for final grades, attendance history, discipline incidents and transcripts. If you do not have a login contact the guidance office.

With the implementation of the DLE 1-1 computer program, all freshmen and sophomore teachers will be using EDMODO ( for daily class assignments, due dates and future assignments.

11th & 12th teacher may use different sites to provide this information. Parents should email a teacher if they need help or want more information. »

Parent Forum- Sept. 26th at 7:00 p.m- The ACT and How it Affects Your Student's Future

ACT consultant and owner of John Baylor ACT Prep, John Baylor will be in the Auditorium on Thursday, September 26 at 7:00 p.m. talking about "The ACT and How It Affects Your Studentís Future".

MCHS has seen improvement over the past five years in all areas of the ACT. Our students have improved the average ACT by over 2.3 points in the last nine years, with some students increasing by 4-6 points! Higher scores mean additional scholarships and opportunities for your student. The John Baylor Test Prep program has helped students and parents focus on the future and set them on a path to win the college entrance game. Please join us to learn how to get into the best college at the lowest price. »


MCHS received the official notification of the graduating Class of 2013ís final ACT scores. We are proud to announce that the final ACT Composite average score was 21.8 compared to the State Composite average score of 20.6. The Class of 2013 had the second highest ACT Composite average in the history of the school. The previous high was the Class of 2012 with an average Composite score of 22.4. The Class of 2013 had the highest number of students in the history of the school scoring a 30 or higher on the ACT with 21 students scoring 30 or higher. The State average Composite score dropped 0.3 of a point from the previous year indicating that this past years test was a very difficult one. Congratulations to the Class of 2013 on a great job. »

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